Project Get Out Your Own Way 4-Part Audio Series

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Project Get Out Your Own Way 4-Part Audio Series

Rachel W. Thibodeaux
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How much longer are YOU going to be the one getting in your own way?

Attention: leaders, entrepreneurs, marketers, the impact and purpose-driven, those called to do amazing things...

It's time to stop the following:

  • Starting and stopping which of course translates into not finishing what you start
  • Overthinking and second-guessing just about all your decisions
  • Not treating your calling, career, or business like it matters.
  • Taking time for granted. Sorry...I didn't realize the time we have right now is a dress rehearsal. Didn't realize we got a do-over. Oh wait! We don't.
  • Believing we need perfection, or even near perfection to move forward.
  • Allowing fear and doubt to keep you from showing up, growing up and rising up.

Are you really going to be happy if you are (once again) in the same place this time next year (or even in the next 90 days)? Ok I'll wait... No I won't because my time, like yours, is precious! And...

I'm too busy getting out of my own freaking way! I invite you to join me and a number of others who have benefitted from this series.

More than a training, more than just motivation, this is a must-have tool for anyone serious about kicking their self-sabotaging, excuses-having self to the curb to make room for the strong, confident leader laser-focused on getting better results, even if it's tough or uncomfortable. Just a few things covered in this series:

>Why passion is overrated and how your focus on it may be actually hurting your growth
>The importance of asking questions, and the questions more likely to inspire action and clarity
>How to leverage and make disruption work for you. Whether a pandemic, recession or job loss, there are always opportunities in adversity. You just need to identify them.
>How being a "yes man/woman" including with yourself is hurting you and how to turn that around quickly
>You're great at starting things but suck at finishing. Time to shift from that. It's holding up the sales, clients, revenue and growth waiting for you.
>And more!

What others have said about Rachel & SWAG Strategy Solutions:

Get this now for just $29 vs. $49 but don't delay!

Get this powerful 4-part series if you're ready to get over yourself and WIN!

Before you invest more money or time in another course, getting another degree, a mastermind, or a Discord group for a strategy you think is what's holding you back...like Facebook ads, how to grow your Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok, how to get that promotion, or how to increase your sales...

You should know that none of that will be effective or lasting until your mindset is right. We have to up level the inside before we can truly up level the outside.

Your trainer and host, Rachel Wilson Thibodeaux:

Award-winning speaker and entrepreneur, Amazon bestselling author, host of Project Get Out Your Own Way Podcast and founder of SWAG Strategy Solutions, where SWAG is not just cool. It's an acronym that stands for Strategic Women Achieve Growth. Also a brand and marketing strategist, connector, and expert at eating pasta and chocolate - the last two being two undervalued skillsets in Rachel's opinion.

You'll have access to the digital training upon purchase. There are five files to download.

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You'll get access to a PDF with 5 files.

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